How it work's

Our Glow Fest has simple rules:

1) White shirt (any white T-shirt, long sleeve, or hoodie will work) worn at the start line. The more white you wear the better.

2) Runners walk, run, or crawl lol through Glow Zones to the Finish line! Participants begin the run at the start line . By the end, they look like they fell into a tie-dye machine and are covered with different colored glowing powder that glows under black lights.

Along the glow course you will find Glow Zone’s which are associated with a designated color: orange, yellow, pink, or blue. As the runners, and walkers reach the Glow Zone they run through different colored powder that glows in the dark under our black lights. 

All products are 100% natural and non-toxic.

Run the glow course right into our Glow Fest After Part, filled with awesome music, good food and drinks.

Race packet information will be emailed to you one weeks before the event. Make sure you keep your confirmation email as paper tickets are not used or accepted for entry into the event. Our waiver will be emailed to you after you purchase your ticket. You must fill out, sign, and return the waiver to participate, a separate waiver will need signed for any children entering the event. Entry will not be permitted without the waiver.

Water stations will be provided along the course and at the finish line.


What To Bring

A towel to cover your car seat for the ride home.

Your smile and enthusiasm.

Cash or card for parking and vendors.


Parking Info

Parking information will be sent out one week before the event.

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Grab A Glow Drink

Not Only Can You Get Your Glow Back At Our Event, But You Can Also Grab A Cool Flaming Glow Drink, Glowtini, And More. Pre-Order /your Glow Treats In Advance